Our Leaders

Toh Sang and Maria set the vision for Marion Vineyard...

Welcome! On behalf of the wonderful fellowship at Marion Vineyard, it’s great that you’ve checked in.

If you ever want to check us out in person you are most welcome to join us on Sunday afternoons at 3pm. We meet in the ‘CityReach Marion’ facility at 288 Sturt Road, Marion.

As pastors of the fellowship we are delighted to journey with all those that God sends our way.

Our gatherings on Sunday afternoons have a strong family feel where everyone young and old are encouraged to take part. We believe that God speaks to all of us so as a body we can all contribute to hearing and understanding God’s heart for us. As family, there is an informal feel to our gatherings and you can ‘come as you are’. Knowing that we are all accepted by God just as we are, means we accept each other.

We love our children and a time of learning and experiencing God is provided on Sunday afternoon for those of primary school age. A youth group runs fortnightly on Fridays for those in high school. There is also a space for the very young as well on Sunday afternoons.

Our heart is to build LIFE communities. That is, communities where people Live In Freedom Everyday. We know that this is only possible in Christ. Our role as pastors is to point you to Jesus, to discover what God has already planted in your life, and partner with what God is already doing. Strong communities are built with strong people. We want you to be all that God has called you to ‘be and do’ as you walk in faith in Jesus Christ.

As a Vineyard church; we place priority on the Bible as our authority and foundation for teaching and all that we do, we love to worship God in celebration and intimacy, we enjoy the gifts of the Holy Spirit and allow them to operate through prayers of healing, deliverance, words of knowledge and prophecy, we look for opportunities to connect with the local community and meet the needs of the poor and those in need, we partner with overseas missions and projects, we value relationships and have small groups running through the week, and we connect with and foster relationships with other local churches of other denominations.

We would love you to come join us and the church family here at Marion to discover together what it means to live LIFE!

Much love, Pastors Maria and Toh Ng