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Sustainable Aquaponics in Cambodia
You’ve heard the saying: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day… show a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”
But teach a man to grow fish sustainably and he can transform his community.

When South Australian John Castledine first arrived in Cambodia nearly 20 years ago he was confronted with the absolute poverty of the people all around him. In the years following the genocide and civil war of the 70s and 80s children were dying in the streets of his Phnom Penh suburb each day. Children were dumped at his doorstep. John even rescued a baby as it was about to be thrown into the Mekong river by its desperate and despairing parent.

John helped as many children as he could…at one stage feeding and educating 150 kids within the walls of his property.

In the search for a long term, sustainable solution, John hit upon Aquaponics…and set his mind to develop a tailored made solution for Cambodian conditions.

Today he has a small-scale working prototype producing healthy fish and succulent vegetables. And he has a market opening up for his produce in the tourist restaurants of Phnom Penh, who are desperate for clean, fresh produce.

John’s plan is to develop a system capable of producing 30,000 fish to generate money for the most important part of his project: Providing the poorest rural families of Cambodia with their own mobile aquaponics system.

John is looking for assistance to kickstart his sustainable aquaculture expansion… so he can help the poorest Cambodian families develop the capacity to lift themselves beyond subsistence and into sustainable living.

Individuals, Businesses or Corporations who would like to partner with Savanapoom Care, can make donations and receive tax deductible receipts via a donation portal managed by Global Development Group. This project is recognised by the ATO and US Tax Office. GDG provides the tax umbrella for this and other projects.

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