Marion Vineyard member Holly Winter spent three years with YWAM in Perth contributing to their film and media ministries. One of their projects was the film Kimberley Spirit, created with Cygnet Films. Find out more at the Cygnet Films website.

Kimberley Spirit

Hard times have caused a big change for Kit (Lane Broome), moving to live with his grandfather in a community in the heart of the Kimberley. He and his shanghai skills end up on the wrong side of the town bully, and even the law. In an attempt to get him back on track, Kit’s grandfather (Stan Rogers) takes him out bush, away from the humbug. With a mysterious enemy on their tail, it’s up to Kit either to listen and learn from his grandfather’s guidance, or to find a way to survive on his own.

The first chapter of the Kimberley Spirit series stars the community of Looma and celebrates its unique landscape, culture and people. This captivating coming-of-age story showcases the beauty of the Kimberley, the value of self-control, and the power of our choices.