Harvest Ministries

Help us support the mission work of Harvest Ministries in India

Harvest Ministries


Marion vineyard has been supporting the work of Pastor Robert Mophet and Harvest Ministries for many years. In the 90’s Robert studied at Tabor college, in Adelaide. When he completed his studies he felt the call to return to his homeland of India to reach out to the poor.

As a start he opened an orphanage in his home in 1997…with a dozen children. Today the mission has grown to encompass a Children’s home, an English language Primary and High school, a Bible college and a vocational training centre. The original Harvest Mission Church has since planted a further 45 churches throughout India.



Robert has visited us at Marion over the years and his passion for the lost and poor of India has never waned. If you would like to contribute to the work of Harvest Ministries you can make a tax deductible donation via the donation page of the World Relief Australia website:  www.wra.org.au/1519harvestministries

32-facebookGet in contact or find out more at their website: www.harvestforindia.com or on the school’s facebook page.