Our Core Values

What makes us tick...


To be an inter-connection of LIFE communities, continually alert to God’s mandate for the church: the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

A LIFE community is a worshiping & ministering community in Christ.

(LIFE – Living In Freedom  Everyday!)

Core Values

Worshipful lifestyle: Practising His Presence to glorify and enjoy our God daily above everything else.  ( Mt.4:10b ; Rom.12:1,2 & Col.3:17)
Organic LIFE communities: Be in Christ-LIFE centered families, groups & communities for the building up of the Church.  (Jn15:1-17; 2Tim1:5; Eph5:18-21 & 1Jn4:7-11)
Relationship with the Trinity & others: Cultivate intimacy with God and love one another in unity and diversity. (Lk10:27; Jn17:20,23; Mt18:19,20 & Ro15: 5-7)
Scriptural exposition & application: To know God (the Author) by understanding and living the truth from the Bible. (Lk24:27; Jn8:31,32; 2Ti3:16,17; Ja1:22 ;3Jn1:4)
Holistic discipleship: To be disciples of Christ in a multi-generational community: making disciples & serving Christ. (Isa54:13;Jn8:31,32: Mt28:18-20; Eph4:11-16)
Innovation & Creativity: Future-oriented to discern what the Spirit is saying to the churches and to do new and creative things in His Spirit.  (Ex 35:31-35; Pr18:15; Lk5:37-39; 2Cor3:17; & Heb11:3)
Prayer, power & prophetic ministry. Living supernaturally; listening, looking, & speaking revelation of/from Christ, expecting miracles.  ( Jn16:13; Eph1:17; 1Thes5:17-21;1Cor4:20 & Rev19:10c)


To connect people to Christ by obeying Christ’s Great Commandment & Commission. This the ministry of reconciliation given to us (2 Cor 5:18).

We want to