Child of the Killing Fields

A Documentary by Mark-John Winter

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Child of the Killing Fields is a journey into the timeless land of Cambodia…beyond the proud history of an ancient empire into the chaotic darkness of genocide. It is a story of tragedy and trauma, resilience and redemption. It is the vision of the world through the eyes of an abandoned child and explores the way the power of selfless love can heal and restore lives, families and even an entire nation.

Child of the Killing Fields is a first-hand account from survivors of Year Zero, the campaign of terror waged by the brutal Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge. It investigates the way fear tears apart the strongest bonds of family and community and asks whether there is hope for a new generation when its children are neglected, rejected and trafficked.

The film introduces Australian couple, John and Tess Castledine, who chose to tackle the issues of family disintegration and child trafficking head on, by dealing with the root cause: abject poverty. Their selfless work over 20 years has impacted the lives of more than 30,000 people in Cambodia. They have helped thousands of families stay together and develop capabilities for a healthy life through their educational program and sustainable aquaculture project.
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About the Filmmaker

Child of the Killing Fields is the second documentary feature film from independent filmmaker Mark-John Winter.

Based in South Australia, Mark-John financed and produced Child of the Killing Fields when he was gripped and moved by the stories he heard from survivors of Year Zero. He travelled with a small crew to Cambodia to film these personal accounts and to honour and celebrate the resilience and spirit of the people.

During the shoot he met Jeremiah, an abandoned child, who became the voice and heart of the film.

Mark-John’s media production company, Winter Wonderland Productions, has developed its niche in the video production industry in Adelaide. He has produced video for corporate and government clients and produced Motor Sport for TV, among other projects.

His passion is story-telling, and particularly giving a voice to the unheard.

His debut feature film documentary, Taste and See, received 10 Official Selections and 5 Winner’s Awards (including Best Documentary and Best Faith-Based Film) in international film festivals held in Asia, USA and UK.

Production Company: Winter Wonderland Productions
Mob: 0434 330 071